June 7, 2017

It is time to celebrate a savory, salty, and a favorite snack with a protein boost because June 12th is National Jerky Day! Now more than ever, jerky is available and enjoyed in a wide variety of flavors, sizes, and meats, but there is only one potential problem: you have to have a mouth full of strong teeth to enjoy it.

Perhaps it is time to see a dentist for a consultation on how you can improve your chewing function. One of the ways our dentists Drs. SanGiacomo and Perrotta at Bethel Gentle Dental replace missing or badly damaged teeth are dental implants in Bethel, CT. Not only can dental implants help you regain the ability to enjoy whatever foods you like, you will preserve your oral and overall health as well. Even the way your face looks when your mouth is closed can benefit because dental implants prevent your body’s eventual reabsorption of your jaw bone, thus preserving a normal-looking jawline.

Other benefits of dental implants in Bethel CT include:

• Teeth that stay put unlike dentures
• A great looking smile
• Easy to care for, just like your own teeth
• Permanent placement, no need to take them out at night
• Recovering your normal speech pattern

Implants are different from dentures or bridges in that they are placed by a dentist to sit under the gum line to give the teeth their natural appearance of growing out from your gums. The tooth then securely screws onto the metal implant and provides you with a beautiful and sturdy smile so you can enjoy jerky and other tough to chew foods again.

Our dentists can replace teeth anywhere in your mouth with dental implants in Bethel, CT. At Bethel Gentle Dental, all procedures can all be done right in the comfort of our dental office. Call us today to learn more about improving the quality of your life with dental implants.



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