July 27, 2016

Dental implants in Durango, CO are a highly sought after treatment for the variety of advantages they provide patients. Some people will be able to get them right away. Other individuals may not qualify right off the bat. Our dentist will examine all your oral structures to see if a bone grafting is possible. Bone grafting is essential when the jaw bone is too weak or thin to support an implant fusing with it. There are a number of reasons why a patient would need this procedure.

Bone Was Weakened From Outside Forces

The bone in your jaw can weaken over time. If you suffered from gum disease in the past, then that complication may have deteriorated part of the bone. Any trauma to the face such as a sports injury may have damaged the jaw. Additionally, certain individuals are simply born with tooth development defects, affecting the quality of the bone in the jaw.

A common explanation for why the jaw bone requires grafting before a dental implant is that the tooth being replaced was lost a long time ago. Some people will lose a tooth, and for whatever reason, will not seek a replacement right away. Since the bone in that part of the mouth is no longer being stimulated, it will deteriorate. As soon as you lose a tooth, schedule a time to see our dentist for a restoration.

Implant Needs to Go Near a Sinus

Sometimes the jaw bone will be perfectly fine, but the implant needs to go near your sinuses. This is generally the case for upper molars. The reason is that the bone near the sinuses is hollower or thinner than the rest of the jaw. It cannot naturally support an implant, but a bone grafting can be done to strengthen these parts.

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