May 3, 2017

To improve the success of dental implant procedures it may be recommended an individual has additional work prior to the surgery. For some patients, the procedure may be a sinus augmentation. As frightening as this may sound, it is a simple procedure that poses minimal risks. So if you are thinking about getting dental implants, you should familiarize yourself with the possibility of also needing the sinus lift procedure.

Why Is a Sinus Lift Necessary?

If you are replacing your back teeth, a sinus augmentation can help to restore the missing bone that is necessary to support your new implants. Common reasons for bone loss to occur in that area include:

  • Periodontal disease
  • Bone deterioration
  • Sinuses are too close to upper jaw

During the procedure, bone tissue is removed from a donor site to replace the missing bone structure. Your periodontist will determine what donor site is best for your situation. If your procedure only requires a small amount of bone grafting to lift your sinus cavity, it is possible to install your dental implants the very same day. If you need a moderate amount of bone grafting done, the surgical site will be sutured and left to heal. It will be several months before your implant surgery is scheduled to ensure the success of your sinus lift and bone graft.

How to Prepare for the Procedure

 You will need to have x-rays and other diagnostic tests performed before you have the sinus augmentation procedure. These tests are necessary so your periodontist can study your oral anatomy, assess the health of your sinuses and develop the right course of action for the procedure. If you are a smoker, it is important for you to quit smoking in the weeks leading up to your diagnostic tests. You should also avoid alcohol and follow all pre-operative instructions you receive.

Ready to Get Started?

Dr. Kiya Green of Matthews Periodontics in Matthews, NC can provide additional information if you are ready to learn more about the sinus lift procedure or to find out if you are a suitable candidate for dental implants. Dr. Green will recommend the best course of treatment for your situation.  Call today!



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