September 8, 2016

When you have a dental emergency, it’s vital that you take the right steps immediately afterwards in order to have the best chance to preserve the tooth. There are different methods of care for different types of broken teeth, and we want to make sure you are prepared for any situation. While Dr. Moskowitz provides emergency care in Queensbury, NY we encourage you to do the following if you find yourself in a particular type of dental emergency.
Broken Tooth
Broken teeth are common, and can be devastating if not handled correctly. Immediately after the tooth is broken, rinse the mouth out while saving any pieces of the tooth that still remain in your mouth. Stop any bleeding with gauze for at least 10 minutes, and use a cold compress to minimize pain and swelling around the affected area. With a broken tooth, you want to see a dentist as quickly as possible.
Abscesses are small, pimple-like, painful growth on the gums that are often a sign of infection. If you notice an abscess, rinse the mouth with warm salt water to minimize pain and see a dentist immediately.
Knocked Out Tooth
If a tooth has been completely knocked out, start by holding it at the crown and rinsing away any dirt with water. Do not remove any attached tissue. Place the tooth back in the socket if possible, but put it in a cup with milk if you can’t fit it in. The chances of being able to save the tooth greatly increase if you see your dentist within one hour after the incident.
Everyone deals with a toothache at one time or another, and dental floss and rinsing are great ways to get rid of food stuck between your teeth that are causing pain. If this doesn’t help, apply a cold compress to the affected area. If the pain persists for a few days, see your dentist immediately.
Give Us a Call
If you find yourself in the middle of a dental emergency and need help fast, call our office at 518-633-4446 to speak to a professional.



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