July 27, 2016

Getting the best dental procedure for your needs is important. However, money is also important to virtually everyone. Our periodontist will provide you with a quote before starting any procedure so that you know what you are in for. You might be able to get insurance to cover some or all of the cost when getting dental implants in Berkeley, CA. Here are the factors that go into determining that final price tag.

Any Additional Preparatory Procedures

 Some patients will require additional dental work before an implant can be placed. If a person has gum disease, that will need to be treated first. In the event that the jaw bone has been weakened, a bone grafting procedure has to be performed. These additional treatments require payment and will affect what you ultimately need to pay in the long run.

Number of Implants

 Getting two dental implants will cost more than getting a single implant. Patients who have lost multiple teeth will need to pay more than patients who have lost fewer.

Restoration Type

 Many single dental implants have a dental crown placed on top in order to restore a natural appearance to the smile. However, sometimes a dental bridge or dentures will be preferable. Each one carries its own unique price tag.

Restoration Quality

 Whether you get a crown, bridge or dentures, any of them can be made out of a variety of materials. Generally, porcelain is a great option because it truly resembles the appearance of natural enamel. However, other materials can be acquired that will cost a different price.

Contact Us to Discuss Your Options

 Everyone’s dental implant cost will be different. The only way to get an idea of what yours will be is to schedule a time to see Dr. Keith Chertok. Our team is highly skilled in giving patients dental implants in Berkeley, CA. We can do the same for you, so give us a call.




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