November 22, 2016

When you are looking at your options for tooth replacement, it can be easy to lose sight of exactly which of the procedures you have read about will work for you. There are plenty of reasons to pick each one, from traditional dentures to bridge work and implants, but when it comes to a full replacement and you are looking for a rugged, permanent solution, then there are some processes that have clear advantages. One of them is what is known as the Teeth-In-1day® process.

What Are Teeth-In-1day® Implants?

Simply put, this procedure is a single-day process that replaces the full bottom arch with several implants going into the jawbone. This allows for placement without a graft, and it also provides the stability and long-term benefits you expect from dental implants.

Why Teeth-In-1day® is Preferred

While this process is not appropriate for every situation where dental implants might be considered, it has a number of benefits for those patients who need to replace an entire bottom set of teeth.

  • Same-day placement reduces infection windows and prevents further bone loss.
  • There is no need for temporary appliances
  • Immediate function on the day of installation with a fixed provisional bridge.

Comparing Implants to Dentures

Generally speaking, dentists recommend implants to patients whenever the loss of bone and the long-term preservation of the patient’s natural smile is the top priority. There are cases where dentures are clearly the better fit, but they tend to be cases where patients are excluded from a particular implant procedure due to other health concerns.

To find out whether or not you are a candidate for the Teeth-In-1day® process, call to make an appointment with Dr. Patrick Cieplak, and find out how this process fits your individual case. That way, you will have all the information you need to make an informed decision about your teeth replacements.



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