February 25, 2018

Millions of adults in the United States are missing at least one tooth. Not only does this affect the aesthetic value of the smile, but if the space is left open, the other teeth can shift, become crooked and even change the shape of the face. Fortunately, dental implants are a valuable option for those who want a replacement tooth that functions exactly like a natural tooth would, but many wonder what the cost would be for an implant.

As with most dental treatments, it’s important to meet with your dentist to assess your specific situation and determine what special concerns you have, but there are basic guidelines and averages when it comes to costs of implants from Dr. Busch.

No Dental Insurance Plan

Those who have no dental insurance and pay out of pocket will be asked to cover the entire cost of the implant. This includes the abutment and crown, and usually falls between $1500-$6000 total for a single implant. The average includes any consultations, the surgery itself and other associated costs. If your case is simple, the cost may be less, where complex cases may be higher in cost.

If you are missing more than one tooth and need multiple tooth implants, the cost could be anywhere from $3000-$30,000. If you are replacing all the teeth in your mouth, the cost can be as low as $7,000 and as high as $90,000. If you have a dental insurance plan, it may cover a portion of the cost depending on why you need the surgery.

Fortunately, there are rarely additional costs associated with dental implants. The quoted costs usually involve all the necessary appointments and associated treatments. At 8118 Dental Professionals, we make it easier to afford dental implants with flexible payments options. We also accept all major credit cards, checks, cash and third-party finance options to cover the costs of implants.

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Don’t let the cost hold you back from getting implants, because the benefits make the investment well worth it. Dental implants are known to be durable and may last the rest of your life, so the up-front cost seems minor in comparison. Contact Dr. Busch’s dental office in Austin, TX today to learn more and to get a quote for yourself.



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