May 8, 2017

Dental implants replace missing teeth with permanent replacement teeth. This process is often preferred over dentures, which can cause irritation and discomfort. Implants allow you to speak clearly, eat comfortably and smile brightly. Patients may be concerned about the cost of implants when considering them as a viable option. The cost of dental implants varies widely depending on a number of factors.

Cost of Dental Implants

A prosthodontist will evaluate your teeth to determine how much the procedure will cost. While the cost is often worth the investment, there is no one answer for pricing information.

  • How many teeth need to be replaced. Some patients need just one tooth replaced, while others need more. Factors often include why the tooth was pulled, whether due to injury, periodontitis or some other complication.
  • The type of implants to be placed. Endosteal implants are shaped like small cylinders, screws or plates and are placed in the jawbone. For those with a shallow jawbone, subperiosteal implants may be preferred. Implants also vary based on size and height.
  • Any necessary treatments. For patients with gum disease, it is often necessary to get the disease under control before placing the implants. Without this treatment, the implants may not work effectively. A patient may need to undergo scaling, planing or different type of periodontal treatment before the procedure.
  • Bone density. Boss loss can be caused by periodontitis or missing teeth. In the latter case, the root doesn’t stimulate bone after the tooth has been removed. Schmidt can increase bone volume with grafting, and the subsequent implant can prevent further bone loss.

Invest in Your Smile

For a prosthodontist in Manhattan, NY, turn to Dr. Nargiz Schmidt. She is a graduate of NYU and frequently leads seminars and lectures for dentists and students. Our cosmetic dentistry office provides a calming and welcoming atmosphere for all our patients, and our in-house lab is staffed with qualified professionals. We’re committed to making you healthy, happy and confident, with an award-winning smile.



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