February 3, 2016

As dental implants have become more and more popular, many patients who begin to consider them as an option for tooth replacement find themselves wondering about cost comparisons. Since insurance coverage for implantation can depend on how it is done and who does it, that becomes a question that can have a huge impact on a patient’s choice of periodontist in Quincy, MA. It can even affect the basic choice between dentures and implants.

Out of Pocket Payment

If you are paying cash for the procedure, it will cost more to get dental implants in Quincy, MA than it will to get dentures. At least, it will cost more up front. When considering the total costs, though, it is important to consider the general lifespan of each treatment and the costs of maintenance. This means remembering:

  • Dentures need additional adhesives and they may need to be replaced more often.
  • Dentures sometimes require additional steps and products to clean, implants brush like teeth.
  • While the upper teeth replacements will need to be replaced in time, anchors are permanent.
  • Dentures will also need periodic replacement.

Overall, costs for dental implants can range between $2,000 and $10,000, depending on the need for additional procedures like bone grafts. Dentures can be less expensive at the basic level, but it is worth noting that for premium dentures that can compete with implants for both appearance and durability, a full set can run between $4,000 and $8,000, making the two options fairly comparable in those ways.

Insurance Coverage and Questions

Finding a source for dental implants in Quincy, MA that works with your insurance depends mostly on your insurance. Many dental plans do not cover the procedure, but some do. Combined health and dental plans also have a tendency toward better oral surgery coverage, and in the event that your insurance will not cover implants, usually your periodontist in Quincy, MA will have additional payment options. To learn more, call Dr. Mone for an appointment at (781) 348-9925.



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