August 31, 2017

Dental implants require a lot of thought as they are a huge change in your life. However, since you may be considering these as a denture replacement, the changes tend to be positive. If you are considering implants, here are some factors that influence the cost.

Number of Teeth to Replace

For a single tooth, the procedure is quite easy. A post is inserted into your jaw with a cap and crown to follow after the initial incision heals. Sometimes two teeth can be implanted with a single post as well, if they are side-by-side. Once multiple teeth need to be replaced, the number of posts increases.

The State of Your Jaw

In some cases, delaying dental implants can mean a loss of jaw bone. If the loss is severe enough that a post cannot take, a bone graft will be necessary. This added procedure can add to the cost of your replacement teeth.

Implant Material Types

Just like with fillings and crowns, implants come in a variety of materials. The right material for you depends on some factors about your dental hygiene routine and the current state of your mouth and teeth. For example, if you are replacing multiple missing teeth but keeping some dentures that will attach to them, you will want the strongest material.

Removable or Permanent

Finally, if you want implants that stay firmly in place instead of ones you remove periodically, these have different costs. That is due to the kind of post implanted in your jaw and the material used to create the implants since permanent ones need to be a bit sturdier.

If you’re not sure what to do about missing teeth, Dr. Roshanzamir can help. You can get all your answers about implant care and costs at our office. To find out more about dental implants and to see if implants are the right choice for you, contact us to make an appointment.



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