April 12, 2018

When you lose a tooth, dental implants are a great option for your long-term health. Patients who receive implants generally see improved oral health when compared to patients who never replace the tooth.

Stronger Jawbone

Jawbone tissue receives stimulation through the roots of teeth. If a tooth is lost, then that stimulation is lost. Your body no longer has a need to continue supporting the bone, so it becomes resorbed back into the body. Over time, this created an aged, shrunken facial appearance. With dental implants, you retain a more youthful appearance for longer.

Sturdy Neighboring Teeth

With a gap in your smile, the other teeth may move out of their normal positions to compensate for the extra space. You may require cosmetic work as an adult to move your teeth back into place. An implant keeps everything where it should be.

Healthier Diet

Depending on where the gap in your smile is located, you may be unable to eat certain fibrous foods. For example, it may be harder to eat apples, broccoli, or other tough vegetables when you have a gap. You may become more reliant on softer, more processed foods, which are not as good for you.

Fewer Cavities

You still need to brush and floss your implants every day, but this restoration cannot develop a cavity. Regular visits to the dentist will help keep the gums surrounding the implant healthy, so you can be confident your restoration will last for decades.

Complete Your Smile at Our Office

Dr. Gregory Toback is an experienced periodontist who will inform you about how to take care of your implants. Dr. Toback, Dr. Urbanski, and their team at the New London, CT office have installed numerous dental implants throughout the years to great effect, so call today to schedule your appointment. Keep your smile healthy for years to come with these restorations that have proven time and time again to be exceptional.



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