April 6, 2018

Missing or deteriorating teeth do not just make it difficult for you to chew or smile. Long term tooth loss can result in jawbone deterioration. Once the jaw bone begins to deteriorate, you will look less and less like yourself, and you may feel even worse. Dental implants can give your jaw the support and structure it needs to maintain its shape. Better yet, implants can give you your life back.

The Long-Term Implications of Tooth Loss

Healthy teeth do more than just give you a radiant smile. They also promote bone growth and keep your facial structure intact. The jawbone needs stimulation to retain its shape. Teeth provide that stimulation through chewing, biting, and other forms of movement. Without natural teeth or implants placed by a cosmetic dentist, the jawbone does not receive its necessary exercise, resulting in atrophy. This is especially true in cases when the patient is missing several teeth.

Implants Can Help Maintain the Shape of Your Face

Dental implants placed by prosthodontist Dr. Howard Abrahams can give you your smile back. Implants are different than other tooth replacement options in that they mimic the natural tooth root. Instead of being metaphorical band aids that restore your smile on the surface, they serve as permanent tooth-replacement options. Once implanted, the titanium posts integrate with the jawbone via a process called osseointegration. Once the jawbone has completely fused with the implant, the jawbone will once again receive the simulation necessary to regenerate itself, just like if natural teeth were in place.

Take the First Step to a New Smile

A new smile can change your life. Not only can quality implants make it possible for you to eat and drink in comfort again but they also can prevent atrophy of the jawbone and provide it with the support it needs to maintain the natural shape. In extreme cases of deterioration, implants may even be able to reverse some of the long-term damage caused by bone loss.

If you have lost one or more teeth, dental implants may be right for you. Cosmetic dentist Dr. Howard Abrahams can assess your smile and devise a plan for reconstruction. To learn more about implants and schedule a consultation, contact our office in Miami Beach, FL today.



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