April 12, 2018

Your mouth plays an invaluable role in your overall health. When you have missing teeth, whether from tooth decay or an accident, you may begin to consider teeth replacement options. Many patients choose dental implants due to their natural look and feel. They have multiple oral health benefits, which is why our dentist, Dr. Moore, recommends them to patients.

Problems Associated with Missing Teeth

When you decide to just live with missing teeth, there are consequences that can lead to more significant problems down the line. For one, you may experience bone atrophy in the jaw bone, which may leave you with not enough bone to handle an implant at a later date without bone grafting. Your teeth might also shift, leading to issues with your bite. You may find that it becomes difficult to chew food, which could contribute to pain in your jaw. Studies have also found a link between problems with chewing and cognitive problems.

Implants for Lasting Oral Health

With dental implants, you can avoid many of these issues and create the foundation for a healthier mouth. Additionally, you can have a natural-looking smile so that you retain your self-confidence and do not feel embarrassed to smile and laugh. Additional benefits include:

  • Long-lasting smile
  • Natural bite
  • No shifting teeth
  • Ability to eat all your favorite foods

To best benefit from dental implants, it is important to maintain proper care. Because they are similar to natural teeth, it is important to brush, floss and regularly visit your dentist. Your oral surgeon might provide additional care tips for immediate use after the procedure.

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Dental implants have the potential to maintain your oral health and avoid larger problems down the line. Call the Johnson City, TN office today to schedule an appointment with Dr. Moore.



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