May 3, 2016

Having missing teeth not only results in confidence issues, but it also results in the deterioration of the jaw bone over time. The good news is that Dr. Jaycee Van Horn uses a number of dental implants in Oklahoma City, OK that replace the missing tooth or teeth and restore the stabilization of the jaw. Today’s implants are modern and very functional, and they have come a long way from the rudimentary techniques used over time.

History of Implants

The stabilization and replacement of teeth has been around for centuries, using whatever material was available at the time.

2500 B.C.- Egyptians used gold wire ligatures to help stabilize teeth

500 B.C.- Phoenicians used gold wires to splint compromised teeth, while the Etruscans used oxen bones to replace missing teeth

600 A.D.- Ancient Mayans used seashells to replace teeth

1700 A.D.- Teeth were transplanted from human to human

1809 A.D.- A gold tube was implanted into a fresh extraction socket

1913 A.D.- Gold cylinders were used as artificial roots

1930s A.D.- Orthopedic screws made of vitallium were used to replace teeth

1938- First implant to be screwed into the bone was introduced

1965- First full mouth rehabilitation was performed with titanium implants

1968- Blade implant was developed to treat total and partial tooth loss

1983- Development of high-precision manufactured dental crowns

1998- All-on-4™ treatment was developed


Dental Implants Today

Patients and dentists alike are grateful for the implant developments that have been made along the way. Our office uses a variety of procedures to replace your missing teeth, depending on the amount of damage. Dr. Van Horn may choose to use a single implant, an implant supported denture, an implant bridge, or All-on-4™ implants. Thanks to advanced in technology, you can begin enjoying your new implants right away.

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