February 16, 2018

Your smile is the result of a complex set of physical processes that involve not only your jaw and gums, but also your teeth, lips, tongue, and even your cheekbones. That’s why losing teeth has such a profound effect on one’s appearance. It not only removes key features from your smile, it also takes away one piece of that complex system, which causes all the others to begin to shift as well. With dental implants, your smile is completed and your oral health is saved.

How Quickly Does a Smile Change After Tooth Loss?

Some effects begin immediately, since there is no longer a root pushing back against the jaw and holding space for the tooth. They will not be noticeable for a little while, but loss of jaw tissue and alignment changes start right away. There are also more immediate issues that patients contend with, like discomfort while eating.

Visible changes will likely take weeks or even months to take effect, but once they do, they are very difficult to reverse. The best preservation of your smile is only possible when you act quickly to make an appointment with a periodontist who has the experience to move quickly on your tooth replacement solution. The faster you start the process, the sooner you will have your dental implants in place, and since it can take some time to construct implants that match your smile, you don’t want to be kept waiting once you notice changes.

Dental Implants for a Better Smile

Dental implants can be installed quickly, providing a permanent solution that looks just like your natural smile. As strong as natural teeth, implants last a lifetime.

For more information about implants and you, call periodontist Dr. Rice in Rockville, MD make an appointment for a consultation today.



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