February 19, 2016

What’s all the fuss about dental implants in Miami, FL? To start, they have an extremely life-like appearance and they have a high success rate. However, many patients are a bit apprehensive about this effective dental solution, but here are 3 reasons you shouldn’t be nervous.


  1. You Have Options for Anesthesia

Do you get nervous for medical or dental procedures? If you can get anxious, you have the option to pursue general anesthesia or another sedative so you won’t be conscious for the procedure. That means you’ll wake up and it’ll all be behind you. However, the procedure is simple enough that a course of local anesthesia will work just as effectively. For this option, your dental professional will simply number the implant location and tissue immediately surrounding it.


  1. Your Periodontist Will Have a Detailed Plan

Before you go in for your procedure, your doctor will use either CT imaging or X-ray technology to help him or her precisely plan the process if the situation is complex enough. Your dental professional will use other measurement procedures as necessary. This surgical guide will have an exact site for each implant. During the procedure, the dental professional will make small incisions in accordance with the mapping done before hand.


  1. Recovery Means Only Mild Discomfort

Luckily, we’re on the right side of modern technology and dental implants in Miami, FL cause minimal discomfort during recovery. Due to advanced implanting methods, your dental professional can complete the procedure with minimal tissue irritation. You won’t have to miss out on work or school and you can use OTC medications like ibuprofen to manage discomfort during recovery.

If you still have questions about the procedure, speak with your local periodontist. In fact, Dr. Bradley Ross and Dr. Scott Ross would be happy to answer your questions. Give their offices a call at 844.896.5190 for an appointment.



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