November 18, 2018

With the holidays just around the corner, it is not too early to start planning festivities with family and friends. However, you may be apprehensive about indulging in the delicious food if you happen to have one or more missing teeth. While you are preparing the recipes and seating arrangements, why not also look into dental implants so you can enjoy the food and show off an awesome new smile this season?

No Teeth, No Problem

You should not have to face a holiday feast with missing teeth. As an oral surgeon, Dr. Mulokozi Lugakingira offers a few different cosmetic dentistry options to restore the full function of your mouth and teeth. You can get an implant for a single tooth or even multiple implants to restore a full arch.

Implants generally consist of a titanium post which Dr. Lugakingira inserts into the jaw bone to fuse with the bone. Once this heals, a permanent crown can be placed on top of the post which looks and functions just like a natural tooth. Benefits of getting implants as opposed to dentures include being able to eat more of your favorite foods and not having to worry about slippage. In addition, implants are a long-lasting solution, lasting for decades and longer.

Cosmetic Options for Many Dental Needs

In addition to implants, Dr. Lugakingira can help with tooth extractions, jaw surgery, and even facial trauma treatment to give your face a brand-new smile for the holidays. In fact, getting started on these types of treatment right now can help ensure your new smile is ready when your friends and family sit down to a holiday dinner.

Get a Consultation Today

Implant treatment is a big decision that requires careful planning if you want to work it into your holiday timeline. To get started, contact our office in Fort Wayne, IN to schedule your consultation with Dr. Lugakingira right away.



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