December 7, 2017

The holidays are right around the corner, and you want to look your best from head to toe. If you feel self-conscious and insecure about your smile, we can help! Drs. Brian Altrock and Christine Fabb offer the painless process of dental implants to ensure that you have a healthy, happy, bright smile no matter what state your natural teeth are in.

The Process of Placing Implants

Cosmetic dentistry comes in all shapes and sizes. Dental implants are an outpatient procedure that provide a quick fix to missing teeth that can cause many problems, which may interrupt your holiday season.

The first step is to remove the damaged tooth if it hasn’t come out yet. Next, the jawbone is prepped for surgery. Once a tooth goes missing, bone loss begins, and if there is not enough bone to hold the implant in place, you may require a bone graft. Once the healing is complete, a metal post is placed in the jawbone that functions exactly like the natural tooth root would.

The jawbone needs time to heal before an abutment is placed and a mold is made of the jawbone and your teeth. At this point, the final tooth or teeth are placed. While the process may take several months from start to finish, much of that time is spent waiting for the bone to grow and the jaw to heal.

While you are waiting for your final implant to be placed, there may be a temporary tooth inserted in the spot for aesthetic purposes. Final implants can be fixed or removable, but the true benefit is that they function exactly as your natural teeth would.

Be Proud of Your Smile

No more hiding your incomplete smile during family photos or worrying about how you appear to family and friends if you have missing teeth. We offer a virtually painless procedure to give you your beautiful smile back. Give our San Diego, CA office a call today to schedule a consultation.



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