August 14, 2017

In our busy world, scheduling multiple dental visits for a procedure is a hassle. That’s why Dr. Pace is now offering Teeth in a Day in Nashville, TN. This is a great way to get your dental implants done quickly with little lost time for you. For a look at how this procedure works and why it can benefit you, read on.

Walk Out With a Full Smile

Dental implants take so long because the surgical site where your teeth will be implanted needs to heal. However, when you visit Dr. Pace, we’ll make sure you have a temporary set of teeth when you leave so there aren’t noticeable gaps in your smile.

Denture Benefits

If you have dentures then it’s very likely you can get implants. A dental x-ray can determine if your jaw has enough bone to support the posts for implants and then you’re on your way. There are two main benefits you can see with this. The first is the possibility of totally replacing your dentures with a set of teeth that won’t slip and don’t require adhesive. The other is, if you replace only some of your teeth, the implants give your dentures something stable to hold onto.

Other Benefits of Implants

Implants are a great way to fill in gaps in your smile. Not only do these added teeth mean you can smile confidently, they also have health benefits. A full set of teeth can reduce your risk for bone loss and teeth movement.

Teeth in a Day is a great way to revive your smile. Whether you have dentures or just need a few teeth replaced, this procedure can work wonders for your oral health and confidence. Our dental office in Nashville, TN is ready to schedule a consultation whenever you are. It just takes a phone call, so find out more today!



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