November 12, 2018

Your missing teeth are probably an embarrassment and may even cause you to smile less. But did you know that missing teeth aren’t just a cosmetic problem? When the teeth fall out, they take their roots with them. This can lead to degradation of the jaw bone. Here’s what you should know about the main problems caused by missing teeth and how full arch dental implants can help.

Bone Loss

Tooth roots are an essential component of jaw bone health. Every time you chew, your tooth roots stimulate the bone of the jaw and keep it from breaking down. Unfortunately, once the teeth fall out, the roots are on longer there to keep the jaw bone strong. As a result, it begins to deteriorate. Most tooth replacement options can’t prevent jaw bone deterioration because they don’t stimulate the jaw. Dental implants are the exception. Full arch dental implants use at least four implant posts to keep a fixed bridge in place. The posts are inserted directly into the jaw and stimulate the tissue to prevent degradation.

Teeth Shifting

When you lose a tooth, the teeth on either side tend to shift in an attempt to fill in the gaps. This shifting can cause major issues with the bite and can cause the teeth to fit together unnaturally and uncomfortably. When full arch dental implants are placed by a skilled dentist in Denver, CO, they can keep the remaining teeth in their proper places and prevent unwanted shifting. 

Dietary Restrictions

If you’re missing multiple teeth, you know from experience how difficult it can be to enjoy your favorite foods. Missing teeth often lead to dietary restrictions and potential malnutrition. A full arch dental implant system can restore your dental function so you can consume your favorite foods with ease.

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