January 4, 2016

Missing teeth can be more than embarrassing. It can cause you to lose self-confidence while also having negative consequences on your overall oral health. To achieve a healthy and whole smile, it’s important to have lost teeth replaced as soon as possible. An experienced periodontist in Jacksonville, FL, like Dr. Darryl A. Field, can provide a thorough examination and determine the best course of action. For most people, dental implants provide a safe, viable option to replace missing teeth.

The Many Advantages of Dental Implants

Your overall appearance is heavily reliant on your smile. Strong, healthy teeth play a vital role in the amount of confidence you have in yourself, and the way you want others to see you. You may want to consider dental implants as an option to replace missing teeth. There are many benefits to this procedure, including:

  • A Whole Smile

When you are missing teeth, common things become difficult. It is harder to thoroughly chew food and speak clearly. Dental implants allow you to comfortably eat almost any type of food you prefer.

  • Prevention of Jawbone Density Loss

When you lose a tooth, your body quickly responds by canceling doses of crucial nutrients to the tooth root and jawbone. This causes the jawbone to weaken and dissolve. With implants, the titanium root is accepted by the body as natural, and nutrients continue to be supplied.

  • Avoidance of Misalignment Problems

A missing tooth often causes the other teeth to shift within the mouth, causing uneven bites, aesthetic issues and oral health concerns.

  • A Natural Appearance

Dental implants so closely resemble your natural teeth that it is hard to differentiate between them.

  • Extremely Long Lasting

Most dental implant replacement teeth have the ability to last as long as 25 years, or even longer.

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