May 3, 2016

Same-day dental implants are popular among patients of all ages due to their convenience and permanency. Custom teeth, made to match your tooth color, shape and size, are an effective solution for gaps in your smile and can be fitted with simple, local anesthetic. Dr. Bruce Trimble specializes in teeth-in-a-day in Menomonie, WI, and enjoys helping restore a smile to the face of each of his patients.

Candidates for Same-Day Implants

There are many instances when dental implants can help people regain confidence and function. Individuals with any of the following conditions usually find implants to be an successful, long-lasting treatment.

  • Missing teeth
  • A tooth that is broken or damaged
  • Dentures that do not fit well or encumber the lifestyle of the wearer

During an initial consultation, we assess your overall oral health, check bone density and develop a treatment plan based on exams, imaging and your input regarding lifestyle.

Treatment Steps

Advances in modern dentistry have completely eliminated the time gap between implanting the pin and fitting the new prosthetic tooth. Both methods affix a small pin into your jawbone, which provides the structure for your new tooth or teeth. During the healing process, this pin is fused to the bone, creating a strong structure, which also helps to prevent bone loss. Traditionally, the patient would return to have the new tooth fitted when the healing was complete in six to eight weeks. With teeth-in-a-day, the new tooth is affixed immediately and the patient enjoys a full smile as soon as they leave the office.


For individuals who need a whole set of teeth, the latest All-on-4™ method is a successful, permanent alternative to removable dentures. During the procedure, four pins are placed along the jawbone. These anchor and support the entire row of new teeth. Best of all, implants last a lifetime, if cared for correctly.

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