June 14, 2018

Men’s Health Month is important, because a lot of guys wind up prioritizing other things above their healthcare, and that can lead to long-term problems. By focusing for a month on prevention and well-being, men can address issues they have been putting off and lead themselves toward a healthier lifestyle. For men with missing teeth, this month can be a time to consider options, like talking to your local periodontist about dental implants. Here are some facts you should know if you need to find a tooth replacement option.

Dental Implant Work For Almost All Missing Teeth

Dentures and bridges have limits to what they can do for missing teeth, but dental implants are flexible enough to be useful in the replacement of a single tooth or an entire mouthful. That makes them incredibly flexible for patients who might be at risk of more tooth loss in the future, and it also means their other benefits are available to a very wide array of patients.

Other Benefits of Implants

  • Titanium anchors hold the implant in place permanently, making it robustly durable over a lifetime.
  • High quality porcelain teeth replacements can be individually repaired in the event of damage and look just like natural teeth.
  • Recovery times are short, allowing you to get back to living your best life quickly.

There’s a lot more to learn about dental implants, but to get started you have to talk to a periodontist like Dr. Leavitt about your health and missing teeth. Only then will you be able to find out whether or not this amazing process will work for your missing teeth. Generally speaking, candidates are people with little to no jawbone loss and no history of bleeding conditions or other major health conditions that make surgery unwise.

Make an Appointment

The process starts with a consultation. Call Dr. Curry Leavitt of Red Rock Periodontics & Implantology in Las Vegas, NV to set up your appointment today.



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