February 6, 2017

Most people have heard about all of the wonderful benefits that patients experience when they choose dental implants, like an improved appearance and greater sense of confidence. In fact, dental implants are also a great choice to help improve your overall oral health. At our periodontal office, Dr. Tom McCawley and Dr. Mark McCawley bring patients the precision and expertise that only comes with a periodontist. If you are looking for dental implants in Ft. Lauderdale, FL or some other type of dental service, we can help. Here are the bonus health benefits that come with dental implants.

Lower Cavity Risk

The first benefit concerns your cavity risk. The gap left behind from a missing tooth does not just leave a hole in your smile. It can also lead to more instances of bacteria and plaque forming in the empty space and possible cavities in the adjacent teeth. A better idea is to replace missing teeth with implants.

Improve Gum Health

Additionally, this bacteria can also impact on your gums. Large areas of exposed gums that occur with missing teeth could house a variety of germs that damage the gums. It is best to fill these spaces with a replacement tooth, and with dental implants, you can get a natural-looking restoration.

Keep Bite Aligned

If you wore braces as a child, you may be surprised to realize your teeth can still shift years later. All it takes is a sudden change in the composition of your mouth and the loss of one or more teeth to cause an uncomfortable bite alignment problem. Dental implants can help avoid this issue.

Less Bacteria From Dentures

Dental implants also help patients experience fewer problems with dentures. Denture placement can be tricky at first. Ill-fitting dentures may leave spots along the gums that are tender and swollen. These sore areas of the mouth could develop infection, causing discomfort to patients.

Call our team today to see how your oral health could be impacted with dental implants. You can find out if your tooth loss case could be solved with dental implants.



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