November 28, 2016

When you are facing an oral health issue, you need a solution that will comprehensively address the problem while also falling within your price range. Although insurance might be able to cover some of the cost, you may need to pay out of your own pocket for some of it. A few things can affect the price, but regardless, you should highly consider getting dental implants for their long-term advantages.

Factors to Consider

The difference between two different patients’ dental implant costs can be hundreds or even thousands of dollars. The reason for this is that numerous factors need to be brought to the table. Some of the factors your dentist will need to address include:

  • The number of implants you need
  • Where in the mouth the implants need to be placed
  • Whether any additional procedures such as bone grafting need to be performed
  • The material you use for the implant, abutment and crown
  • Your dentist’s experience level

An Investment Worth Making

Several restorations exist for replacing a missing tooth, and they all have their advantages. Many patients are hesitant to go with implants because they tend to be a little more costly than other treatments. However, it is important to keep in mind that implants are investments in your smile. Implants have been known to last for decades, and you do not see that kind of longevity with other treatments. This makes them a permanent solution, so you do not have to worry about replacing your restoration down the road and paying more in the long run.

Dental implants are also great for preventing other oral health issues that could require treatment down the line. For example, an implant in your jawbone prevents the tissue from resorbing back into the body and weakening a portion of the bone. Implants are also great for creating a stronger bite and more natural appearance.

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With all the benefits that stand to be gained, getting dental implants is worth every penny. Contact India Hook Dental to review all your restorative options, but you will certainly discover that implants are great long-term solutions.



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