October 5, 2018

If you’re looking for dental implants, Dr. Roshanzamir wants to be your dentist in Vancouver, BC. Our office has extensive experience placing implants, and one of the reasons patients like working with us so much is the way we work to make sure every patient understands the entire process from top to bottom. It’s well-known that implants are long-lasting and durable, but what you might not realize is that the entire structure of an implant is designed to work just like a natural tooth, but with one important difference. Implants are much, much stronger.

dental implants and smile

Anchoring Your Implants

The anchors used to secure implants in place are made of titanium, which does not interact with the body’s tissues, so it won’t corrode or wear away over time. This makes the implant permanent, barring trauma that damages it. The anchor is attached to your jaw to form a super-strong support structure that won’t move, preserving your smile in its current natural appearance.

The anchors need to be able to attach to the jaw, and they need gum tissue to support them. That’s why patients who have experienced a large amount of bone or gum tissue loss may need additional tissue grafts before they will be ready for dental implants.

Sparkling White Replacement Teeth

The anchors attach to the replacement teeth themselves, which are modeled as closely as possible after your original smile. The implants will be made to fit your mouth, using your dental records and other information about the size and shape of your jaw. This and the strong infrastructure created by the anchors work together to support your new smile, which will be made of porcelain replacement teeth designed to look and work like the teeth you are used to. This makes your new implants

  • Strong
  • Natural-looking
  • Natural-feeling

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