July 3, 2017

When celebrating Independence Day in West Palm Beach with friends and family this year, did you notice that missing teeth prevented you from eating some beloved foods that were on the menu? Summer favorites like corn on the cob, barbecue ribs and fried chicken can be very cumbersome to eat if you are missing one or more teeth. There may be times when you just decide to skip them altogether because of discomfort or embarrassment that might attract unwanted attention.

Dental Implants Could Improve Your Life

Tooth loss is a more common problem than you probably realize. Fortunately, a decision to get assessed for dental implants could be the first step in a process that makes it possible to eat the foods you love again. There are also other things that could be improved once you have implants to compensate for missing teeth. For example, some people who have lost teeth find it difficult to say particular words and they may avoid smiling because they feel so shy due to the gaps in their mouths.

After getting implants, you no longer have to make up excuses when people ask why you do not eat the foods you used to enjoy so much. There is also no need to wonder what individuals think when they see the spaces in your smile caused by missing teeth.

Get Seen By a Talented Team

Dr. Mauricio Gutierrez and Dr. Robert L. Holt are part of a well-respected group of dental professionals from the Florida Institute for Periodontics and Dental Implants. Understandably, if you are considering getting an assessment from a periodontist in West Palm Beach, FL, it is important to have access to high-quality care.

Give us a call today and make an appointment to learn more about whether you are a candidate for dental implants. Our dentists could help you get more enjoyment from tasty foods and life in general.



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