January 1, 2018

All On 4 Dental Implants To Replace Missing Teeth - Houston, TXThe holiday season always brings a wealth of delicious foods to enjoy. However, if you wear dentures or use other forms of bridgework, these special foods are not always so easy to eat. Biting and chewing can be difficult with dentures, and slips can be embarrassing and uncomfortable. Dental implants are a valuable alternative to dentures and bridgework; implants can provide a permanent solution to the problem of missing teeth, all without the embarrassing slips. This is a great time to schedule a consultation with Dr. Friedberg to learn more about whether dental implants in Houston, TX are right for you. We even offer the valuable All-On-4 dental implant solution that replaces a whole row of dentures with a set of implants that are supported by just four posts. This is a convenient treatment option that many people can benefit from; however, not everyone is an ideal candidate for implants so a consultation with Dr. Friedberg is required.

Restoring Your Smile

Dental implants are an ideal solution for replacing missing teeth. Many patients prefer them for reasons such as:

  • No special creams or powders are required to clean implants
  • Implants are maintained by at-home dental hygiene and routine in-office cleanings
  • Implants made from dental porcelain and other premium materials are highly durable

Patients are happy to know that there is a permanent solution to tooth loss; they no longer have to worry about inserting bridgework into place before leaving the house or speaking with friends. The All-On-4 implant system in Houston, TX uses just four titanium posts; these support a row of dentures in a highly secure manner. This is a much more efficient way of replacing a series of missing teeth compared to crafting posts and crowns for each individual lost tooth. The jaw bone beneath receives the same stimulating effects too; less bone loss is associated with this form of treatment compared to traditional denture use.

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Implant supported dentures are an ideal solution for many patients but they are not perfect for everyone. Discover if you are a candidate for this treatment by calling today and scheduling an appointment online or calling our office at (281) 674-7754 today.



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