November 15, 2018

Missing teeth are a serious issue for anyone who has recently lost them. Replacement options need to be considered carefully, but waiting too long to move forward can result in permanent changes to your smile. Understanding your options is the only way to make a choice quickly, and that’s why you need to know about the advantages you can get from dental implants. Act quickly and you’ll be back on your feet and enjoying your favorite foods by the holiday!

Visual Appeal and Strength

Traditionally, bridge work was favored for replacing spans of missing teeth when dentures were not warranted, because bridges can simulate the appearance of natural teeth. Unfortunately, the architecture of bridge work makes many patients have to be conscientious about eating, because it’s possible to damage the work with food that is exceptionally tough or chewy.

Dental implants provide a strong option that allows you to enjoy all your favorite foods. Titanium anchors that affix the implant to your jaw interact with gum tissue to stimulate it and prevent recession. This helps preserve your smile and ensures the implants are firmly held in place. Along with that, the porcelain replacement teeth are built to be as strong and robust as your natural teeth. That means they can also stand up to all your favorite foods.

Easy to Fix

In the event there is an accident and one of the replacement teeth is damaged, the implant won’t need to be fully replaced. The individual tooth can be removed and replaced with another, making it easy to take care of any mishaps. Other advantages of dental implants include:

  • Fast recovery times
  • Beautiful smiles
  • High patient satisfaction

For more information about your options, contact our office in Fairfax, VA to make an appointment. Dr. Withers will be happy to advise you about how to quickly replace your missing teeth. Act quickly, and you can still enjoy all your favorite holiday foods this season!



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