November 21, 2018

If you’ve recently lost teeth, you’ve probably heard from your dentist about the importance of moving on to a replacement option quickly. In case you haven’t, the reasons are simple. The longer you wait to fill the gap left by missing teeth, the more your existing teeth have the ability to shift and move, creating gaps and alignment problems. Gum tissue in the area with missing teeth can atrophy with time, too, and that changes the appearance of a smile permanently. It can also be hard to eat your favorite foods with missing teeth.

Why Consider Dental Implants?

If you look at the last 20 years of their development, implants have had an astounding level of success. They are less likely than bridges or dentures to need replacement, because they do not have a period of planned obsolescence. Instead, they only need to be replaced if you damage the porcelain replacement teeth. They are strong, and the best part is they stimulate the action of your natural teeth through the anchors that secure the implants to your jaw.

The entire design of these implants is built around the idea that they should stimulate the gums and jaw with feedback in ways that are similar to the relationship between the root of the tooth and the gum. As a result, they encourage the retention of healthy gum tissue in ways that other options just can’t. They are also stronger than other options because of it, so you can enjoy all your favorite foods.

  • Fast recovery times
  • Replace one tooth or a full set
  • Natural looking

Are You a Candidate? 

In the early days, candidacy for implants was harder to establish. As the process of placing them has become refined and more support procedures have been developed to help patients with tissue loss around the jaw, most patients now qualify. Contact our office today, and let Dr. Wehrman be your dentist in Fargo, ND.



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