November 18, 2018

Thanksgiving is a time to gather around the table with loved ones and enjoy a delicious meal. Everyone has their favorite Thanksgiving dishes whether it is turkey, corn on the cob, stuffing or pumpkin pie. However, you may not be able to have such a happy Thanksgiving if you have recently lost a tooth. People in this situation need to see our periodontist posthaste to see if they can benefit from dental implants.

You Cannot Eat Whatever You Want With a Missing Tooth

A gap in your smile can cause major issues with the kinds of foods you can eat. You will need all your molars to comfortably chew fibrous vegetables, such as broccoli and corn. Without all your teeth, you may need to forego those dishes.

Even if you can still chew comfortably on one side of your mouth, this will quickly become cumbersome. You will either need to eat less or avoid certain foods, and no one wants to do that on Thanksgiving. Since dental implants are held firmly in place in your jawbone, you will be able to chew with confidence.

You Can Smile Wide for the Family Portrait

Thanksgiving is usually a time when the entire family comes together. You can be certain someone will want to take pictures, and you should not feel as though you have to hide your smiles. Dental implants look 100 percent natural. No one even has to know you have them. Instead of hiding your teeth, you can get restorations that will make your smile look as good as new.

Contact Us To See If Dental Implants Are Good for You

Dr. Amarik Singh from Periodontal Implant Associates is presently taking new patients. Contact our office in Chicago, IL to schedule your consultation. Enjoy Thanksgiving and the holiday season with brand new dental implants!



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