June 22, 2018

One question our periodontist in Miami, FL receives often is, “How much will dental implants cost?” Implants are a fantastic restoration that can last a lifetime, but naturally, they are an investment. They are certainly worth the price, and your personal dental implant cost can range drastically depending on the following factors.

Extra Procedures 

Some people can receive dental implants right away while others will need to go through other treatments first. Since the implant is adhered directly to the jawbone, some patients require bone grafting to strengthen the bone first to prepare it for osseointegration. Additionally, our periodontist may need to extract a decayed or badly damaged tooth first that still remains in the socket before proceeding. Sinus lifts and periodontal therapy can also increase the overall dental implant cost.

Number of Implants

One dental implant will cost less than several. You will also need to pay more if you have any bridges or dentures you want to remove to make way for dental implants. However, the location of the implants also plays a role in the cost of dental implants. It is easier for our periodontist to install an implant in the back of the mouth because there is more room compared to the front of the mouth.


There is also a price difference between dental implants with metal vs. ceramic posts. Our office offers ceramic implants that are stable, strong and reliable. Ceramic posts are also a great choice for patients who may have allergies to metals.

Dental Implants Will Be One of the Best Investments You Ever Make

At South Florida Periodontics and Dental Implants, Drs. Bradley and Scott Ross are aware of the financial burden sometimes placed on patients in Miami, FL who want to improve their oral health. We accept many types of insurance and will send the necessary paperwork to your insurance agency to see if implants are covered. Fortunately, you can schedule an appointment today, and we can inform you of what your personal dental implant cost will be before proceeding.




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