November 7, 2017

Multiple missing teeth can affect your everyday life. In years past, most patients would turn to dentures as the solution to this oral issue. As many understand, traditional dentures often slip, make clicking sounds and limit speaking and eating abilities. Today’s technological advancements offer patients a natural-looking, permanent and secure solution with Hybridge full-arch dental implants.

What Are Hybridge Dental Implants?

Hybridge dental implants are custom-made prosthetic restorations that can replace the upper or lower arch of teeth. Dental clinicians are specially trained on their placement and use in order to offer long-lasting results. After five to six dental implants are inserted into the jaw, a personalized prosthetic is made to be placed on top.

Crafted by skilled artisans, Hybridge restorations use the highest quality material that meets strict standards. This process ensures that the final product is dependable and can last a lifetime.

Benefits of Hybridge Dental Implants

Hybridge implants are a permanent, reliable solution to multiple missing teeth. In the long run, patients often find that Hybridge dental implants are more cost-effective than traditional dentures as well. With proper care, Hybridge restorations do not require adjustments or replacement. Since each restoration is anchored to the jaw using dental implants, this full-arch restoration also maintains healthy bone density volume, a feature not offered by dentures.

Replacing a full arch of missing teeth with Hybridge solutions can also be a confidence booster. Studies show that a smile is the first thing many people notice about you. Hybridge solutions can restore the look and function of your smile, allowing you to speak and eat confidently again!
Dr. Ada Parra, a skilled prosthodontist, and Dr. Justin Craighead, a dual-certified prosthodontist and periodontist, have received several years of advanced training to specialize in tooth replacement and restoration. If you’re wondering about your options for missing teeth, please contact our office in Gainesville, FL today and schedule a personalized consultation.



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