October 2, 2018

National Dental Hygiene Month is this October, and it’s the perfect time to pay attention to your oral health. If you’re currently missing teeth, your oral health is at risk until you receive treatment. Missing teeth can lead to loss of bone mass in the jaw and other complications. Fortunately, dental implants can correct any problems caused by missing teeth and restore full dental function. Here are a few of the top ways implants can improve your oral health when placed by a skilled dentist.

Dental Implants upper left
1. Prevent Jaw Bone Degradation

Many people don’t know that the jaw bone starts to degrade soon after tooth loss. This is because the jaw bone relies on tooth roots to constantly stimulate it and keep it healthy. When the roots are gone, bone degradation is a natural consequence of insufficient stimulation. Dental implants are placed directly in the jaw bone, which means they stimulate the bone in the absence of natural tooth roots and prevent bone loss.

2. Improve Dental Hygiene

If you’re having a difficult time brushing or flossing near the area of tooth loss, implants can help. They fill in gaps caused by missing teeth so the gum tissue isn’t unnecessarily exposed. As a result, you can brush and floss normally without worrying about irritating your gums. It’s just as important to keep your implants clean as it is to keep your natural teeth clean, so make sure you brush and floss your implants regularly and maintain regular cleaning appointments.

3. Restore Dietary Freedom

Tooth loss inevitably makes it harder to enjoy certain types of foods. Crunchy foods like chips and nuts are especially difficult to eat when you’re missing teeth. Implants can rectify the problem by restoring dental function so you can enjoy all your favorite foods again.

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