May 6, 2017

At Harbor East Dental, we understand that affordability is a major concern for patients who are thinking about getting dental implants. We want to address that concern so they can become more informed about their tooth replacement options. When it comes to choosing the better option, you should look past the initial price tag. You need to understand how the cost of maintenance, durability and physical effects all factor in. Here is a brief comparison of their affordability in Baltimore, MD.


Dentures require more care and maintenance than implants. You need to remove them often to clean them. You will also need to invest in and use denture creams and adhesives to get them to stay in place. Sometimes, denture creams and adhesives may not work well enough to keep your prosthetic teeth in place. Also, prolonged dental wear can lead to you needing dental work done to your supporting natural teeth. With dental implants, you will not encounter these challenges. Once they are surgically implanted into your jaw bone, they cannot move out of place. You only need to brush and floss them to keep them in good condition.


When you first get dentures, you may have to work on your speech and eating habits. You need to get used to the way they feel in your mouth. You will also need to avoid certain foods to prevent damage and keep them from falling out. Tooth loss causes bone deterioration in the jaw. Dentures do nothing to stop it. As long as you wear dentures, you will need to have them readjusted or even remade to accommodate your face’s changing shape and structure. Dental implants help to restore proper function to your mouth, and they prevent further bone loss and deterioration. You can resume eating what you want, and you do not need to alter your speech patterns.


Many people find that dental implants look and feel more natural than dentures. They fit comfortably, function just like natural teeth and help to protect and enhance your appearance. Implants can also prevent your remaining natural teeth from shifting around.

When you take the above factors into consideration, you can see that the costs and benefits associated with dental implants are far more advantageous and economical than those that are related to dentures.

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