August 25, 2016

When you decide you want to repair your smile to give you the confidence you deserve, you have several options to choose from. Dr. Cervenka will perform a complete evaluation and assessment with you to determine which treatments will work best for you, but we want you to understand the benefits of both dental bridges and dental implants in Orlando, FL.

Benefits of Dental Implants

Dental implants only deal with the missing or damaged tooth, rather than affecting the teeth around it. Dental implants are also easy to care for, as you just brush and floss like you would your natural teeth. Dental implants are also likely to last longer, and if they are implanted and cared for correctly, can last through your entire life, giving you a healthy, bright smile.

As far as aesthetic value, dental implants are designed to look exactly like your natural teeth so no one can tell anything is missing. While dental implants are more expensive up front, the costs evens out because they shouldn’t have to be replaced.

Benefits of Dental Bridges

If done at the right time, a dental bridge can preserve the bone’s natural level and improve the final appearance of any treatment. Bridges last around ten years, and are less expensive up front.

With dental bridges, more than one tooth can be replaced at a time. If the teeth surrounding the damaged one are full of cavities or decaying, a bridge is a simple way to replace them and get the teeth functioning properly, while there must be a separate implant placed for each tooth when you choose dental implants.

Am I a Candidate?

Ideally, candidates for dental implants have good oral and general health. The jaw must have adequate bone to support the implant, and the mouth must be free of periodontal disease.

Candidates for dental bridges often have anywhere between one and three consecutive teeth. Candidates must have good overall and oral health and no periodontal disease.

If you are considering dental bridges or implants, let our dentist help you determine which is best for you. Call today at (407) 248-0100 to schedule an appointment with Dr.Cervenka today.



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