March 24, 2017

Dental implants are one of the most highly desired dental treatments in the world. They are used for their esthetic ability to seamlessly complete a smile, a durability that allows them to last for decades and for the easy care they require. One of the most advantageous aspects of dental implants to date, however, includes the restored ability for you to eat whatever you want. This above all is probably one of the driving forces behind the oral prosthetic’s success.

Surgical Implants

The real driving force behind a dental implant’s strength is the fact that it is surgically placed into the jaw. A titanium root is carefully screwed into place then capped with a crown to create a cohesive system that both functions and looks like a natural tooth. The healing process only strengthens the bond between the implant and surrounding bone, so the result is a dental implant that can fully carry the load of a normal tooth.

No Comparison

When compared to the function provided by other tooth replacement options, there really is no comparison. If you choose other options, such as bridges and dentures, you will have to adhere to strict dietary guidelines for the rest of your time using those appliances. Dental implants have no such restrictions because they function like regular teeth.

A Nutritious Life

One of the clearest dietary benefits of choosing dental implants is the chance you have to eat all of the healthy foods you have to forgo with dentures and other tooth replacement options. Implants allow you to eat fresh fruits and vegetables to your hearts content. They also allow you the freedom of eating nuts, seeds, steak and any other hard or chewy food your heart could desire. Although they are far from health foods, indulging in hard candies and chewy toffees or caramels is also a possibility every once in a while.

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