January 7, 2019

Missing teeth are a serious oral health issue, because they leave a gap in the mouth that the remaining teeth can move into, which seriously alters the geography of your smile. If the area missing the teeth is large enough, it can also trigger tissue loss because the action that stimulates the gums and keeps them from atrophying and receding is provided by the teeth during activities like chewing. Without them, both gum and jaw bone loss will eventually occur. In fact, those two symptoms were the main obstacles faced by previous tooth replacement options, even when they were able to keep the teeth in place and restore the patient’s original smile.

Dental Implants for Tooth Replacement

Dental implants provide the stimulation your jaw and gums need because they are built to do just that. The titanium anchors run down to the jaw, like the strong, deep root of a natural tooth. The action of chewing transmits the same stimulation through kinetic energy that natural teeth provide as a result, and that keeps healthy gum tissue regenerating and preserves the bone in and around the jaw. As a result, patients experience fewer changes to their smile. There are a bunch of additional benefits brought about by the strength and structure of implants.

More durable replacement teeth that can handle all your favorite foods
Easy to replace porcelain teeth replacements, so if one gets damaged another can be fitted to that anchor
Implants are permanent as long as they don’t get damaged by trauma, so you don’t have to plan to replace them
Often implants can be designed to look just like your original teeth thanks to the manufacturing processes that create them

For more information about dental implants, you need to talk to a dentist in Arlington, TX. Contact our office today to make an appointment. The longer you wait, the more permanent changes you will see in your smile.



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