March 21, 2016

Many people associate cosmetic dentistry with procedures designed to make your smile more attractive as opposed to solving a health concern. While that can be the case, sometimes the two are not mutually exclusive. Dental implants are an example of a procedure that offers the patient a cosmetic and functional advantage. Whether you have lost one or multiple teeth, you should consider getting implants to replace them.

The implant itself is a small post that will need to fuse with your jawbone. Once the implant is placed, an abutment gets attached, and the crown, denture or bridge gets adhered to the abutment. Your visible restoration is made out of the finest materials so that it looks just like every other tooth in your mouth. Another cosmetic advantage is that the implant prevents the jawbone from wearing down. Roots of teeth stimulate the bone, so when one is lost, that area begins to deteriorate. Over time, this can produce an altered appearance in the face, so replacing a missing tooth with an implant can help your appearance in more ways than one.

The implant supports the structure that gets placed over it, allowing you to talk and eat just like you used to. By leaving a gap in your smile, certain foods may be harder to eat, and your speech may be altered slightly. Implants have a very high rate of success, and as long as you take proper care of them, they may even be able to last up to 50 years.
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