June 22, 2018

Many patients seek out dental implants because they look completely natural and will preserve the integrity of the underlying jawbone. One huge advantage is that dental implants can be used to effectively replace one, several or an entire arch of teeth. No matter how many teeth you have missing, you need to visit the office of Drs. Jon and Jessica Runion to determine which restoration is ideal for you.

Single Dental Implant

When one tooth goes missing, you may qualify to replace it with a bridge or crown. However, an dental implant has a distinct advantage over other restorations in that it does not require any alterations to the neighboring teeth. An implant is also the only restoration that replaces the entire tooth rather than only what is visible.

Multiple Dental Implants 

When several teeth have been lost in a row, the patient may qualify for an implant-supported bridge. Three or four teeth can be replaced with a structure that consists of two dental implants on both sides of the bridge with several crowns going on top. Our dentist may also suggest an implant-supported bridge if there is concern the patient would place too much pressure on a single dental implant, which is the case if the patient is prone to grinding teeth.


When an entire arch of teeth require replacement, most patients think they can only receive dentures. However, full-arch dental implants help tremendously. Most patients will need four implants inserted into the jawbone while a row of crowns is placed on top. Unlike dentures, this restoration will not slip around the mouth, and you can brush, floss and eat all the same foods you are used to.

Our Dentist Can Do It All 

Whether you need one dental implant or several, you need to schedule an appointment with our dentist in Gahanna, OH. We have experience with every kind of dental implant procedure, so improve your quality of life today.



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