May 3, 2016

Before dental implants in North Barrington, IL came to be, ancient civilizations were laying the groundwork for dentistry well before the 21st century. Luckily, we don’t have to take part in these ancient procedures, which were probably done without anesthetic. However, it’s always great to know where you come from. Here’s a peak into how modern dentistry evolved.

Thank the Egyptians

It’s no secret the ancient Egyptians were pillars of knowledge and culture in their day. In fact, they still are and their dentists were some of the first to experiment with dental implants and other dental work. In 2,500 BCE, the Egyptian dentists used gold wire to act as ligature supports for tooth stabilization. Two thousand years later, the Phoenicians adapted the technology and used gold wires to act as splints for failing teeth.

How Did Ancient Societies Deal With Missing Teeth?

We probably tend to imagine citizens of ancient cultures just made peace with the gaps in their smile, but the Etruscans and Mayans prove that wasn’t the case. Located in Italy, the Etruscans began replacing missing teeth with oxen bone replacements around 500 BCE. Incredibly, the Mayans used shells for the same purpose over 1,000 years later in 600 CE. How did the technology jump centuries and oceans before modern travel? Great dental minds must think alike.

The 1900s Got Real Dental

In the 20th century, dental professionals around the globe began making large leaps in dental implant technology. Many variations of screw-like implants were invented, patented and introduced to the public. Perhaps the greatest invention of them all was the All-on-4 procedure, which minimized the invasiveness, pain and recovery time of dental implants. However, it must be acknowledge that the technology built on the dental research that came before it.

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