May 16, 2018

Missing teeth are problematic in a number of ways. Beyond the negative impact a lost tooth can have on your smile, the gap can also lead to additional dental problems. Dental implants have become the go-to treatment in these instances, offering the healthiest and best cosmetic solution. Dr. Dean Brewer and Dr. Amanda Brewer provide patients with quality, versatile implants, improving smiles and delivering a lasting solution.

Focus on the Future 

You cannot approach a long-term issue with a short-term solution. Upon losing a tooth, your future quality of life is dependent on the caliber of your replacement which is why we offer numerous solutions:

  • Single dental implants
  • Implant-Supported Dentures
  • Multiple implants for several locations

While you can find a dentist in Modesto, CA, who offers traditional dentures, this choice will lead to many future appointments and adjustments. Surgically implanted replacements, when given the proper care, are just as functional as the real teeth that came before them. Since dental implants are designed to fit your mouth, you don’t have to change your life or adjust your habits once the procedure is complete.

The Healthy Choice

Perhaps the most essential benefit dental implants provide is one that cannot be seen. When a tooth is lost, the jaw bone ceases to grow at the site of the missing roots. With an implant replacement, the bone is stimulated and resumes natural function. Dental implants also ensure proper spacing within an individual’s mouth, so the teeth are neither too far apart nor too crowded. In essence, our implant procedure can make your mouth healthier than it was before losing the original tooth.

Begin the Process 

The right dental implant option should be determined by a qualified dentist. If you are researching the various options for tooth replacement, please contact Brewer Family Dentistry in Modesto, CA and schedule an appointment. After an initial consultation, we can find the best way to improve your smile.



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