May 17, 2018

If you are thinking about getting dental implants, you might feel confused about some common terms used in dental implant technology. Many people choose dental implants to improve their smile’s appearance and function. Dr. Steven Van Scoyoc DDS, MS, PA wants patients to understand the full benefits of dental implants and terms they might hear during their procedures to prevent confusion.

Piezosurgery – This is a revolutionary procedure that enables Dr. Van Scoyoc, a periodontist in Southern Pines, NC to remove damaged bone tissue without damaging healthy tissue with the use of piezoelectric vibrations. Patients who undergo the piezosurgery procedure experience less bleeding, discomfort and faster recoveries.

Ridge Augmentation – Patients who have teeth extracted may need to undergo ridge augmentation before they can have their implants placed. It is a simple dental procedure that Dr. Van Scoyoc performs to restore the natural contours of the jaw and gum to provide a solid foundation for implants.

Guided Tissue Regeneration – When tooth loss occurs, the remaining gum and bone tissue gradually disappear. Some dental implant patients need to have the damaged gum and bone tissue to removed for healthy tissue to grow before they can have their implants successfully placed. Dr. Van Scoyoc performs this procedure to increase bone and tissue support for teeth.

Sinus Lift – The sinus lift procedure is usually ideal for patients who are getting their back (molar) teeth replaced and do not have a sufficient amount of bone tissue in their upper jaws to support dental implants. Without the proper amount of jaw bone tissue, dental implants cannot be properly placed.

Depending on your oral health and dental implant goals, it might be necessary for you to have a few of the above procedures before surgical placement of your dental implants can occur. If you have questions or would like to know if you can benefit from dental implants, feel free to contact our dental office to schedule an appointment with Dr. Van Scoyoc in Southern Pines, NC.



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