July 31, 2017

Americans lose teeth for many reasons, from injury to trauma to illness. You can’t always control the circumstances that lead to tooth loss, but you can control how you choose to address the problem. Fortunately, Dr. Busch offers dental implants in Austin, TX, that can greatly improve the lives of her patients.

When you are choosing which option you would prefer to use to replace missing teeth, you should know the benefits of each type of treatment. Each patient is unique and requires a consultation with a dentist to design a treatment plan, but there are many basic benefits to dental implants that aid patients in making their decision.

Convenience and Durability

Many patients turn to dentures to replace missing teeth, but dentures are designed to be removable, and are prone to moving around when you don’t expect it. This means that while you are talking or eating your favorite foods like corn on the cob, steak or ribs, your teeth may slip out. Dental implants function as normal teeth, meaning there is no movement when you are eating.

When dental implants are brushed twice a day, flossed once a day and examined and cleaned on a regular basis, they can last a lifetime. This saves you money, time and hassle in the future because you don’t need your teeth replaced.

Protecting the Jawbone

When the tooth is gone, the jawbone may crumble and deteriorate because the root is missing and won’t stimulate growth. Dental implants are placed in such a way that a rod is directly inserted inside the jaw, stimulating bone growth exactly as a normal tooth and root would do. This helps to retain the shape of your face and jaw even when your natural teeth are missing.

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