August 14, 2018

Losing a tooth can result in numerous health problems. It can lead to the remaining teeth moving out of their normal positions and make it harder to chew certain foods. However, there is another major reason why people should replace missing teeth with dental implants right away. Without prompt replacement, a lost tooth can lead to deterioration of the jawbone.

The Tooth Root Stimulates the Jawbone

All of your teeth are naturally embedded within the jawbone. The bone tissue receives stimulation through biting and chewing, but when even a single root goes missing, the alveolar bone loses on that stimulation. Therefore, the body begins to absorb the tissue back into the body because it is no longer using that structure. This deterioration starts to occur within the first eight weeks of losing the tooth.

Bone Grafting Can Help

In the event a person has waited months or even years to replace a tooth, it is still possible to utilize dental implants, but bone grafting will most likely be needed first. Our dentist in Columbus, OH will collect tissue samples from either a donor source or your own body and graft this tissue into the jaw. The new tissue integrates with the bone already there to create the necessary volume to support implants. The office of Drs. Jon and Jessica Runion provides Piezosurgery, which is a minimally invasive technique to grafting tissue.

Dental Implants Provide a Long-Term Solution, and You Can Get Them With Us

A dental implant is surgically placed directly into the jawbone, so it provides the stimulation necessary to ensure the tissue does not deteriorate over time. Additionally, they are a long-term solution and will typically last for decades on end. To receive dental implants that will support normal bone function and growth, you need to call our dental office today to schedule a time to come in.



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