March 30, 2018

Dental Implant - Midlothian, VAA missing tooth leads to a lot more than just a gap in your smile. It can also slowly lead to the degradation of your jawbone. If you wait to fill in the gap, then you may need a bone graft in Midlothian, VA prior to inserting your new dental implants.

Deterioration of Jawbone

Your bones are a lot like your muscles. They require constant stimulation to remain strong. Your jawbone receives stimulation through the roots of teeth. If a part of the jaw no longer receives stimulation, then it will become resorbed back into the body. This creates a sunken appearance in the person’s jaw and lips. Implants essentially serve as replacement tooth roots. Dental implants stimulate the bone to keep it strong so that it does not degrade.

Bone Grafting

If you delay getting dental implants, then the bone may deteriorate to the point where our dentists in Midlothian, VA will need to perform bone grafting first. This is a procedure where the dentist takes bone tissue from another area of your body or from a special grafting material and grafts it into your jawbone. It takes several months for the jawbone to strengthen, but it allows your bone to be strong enough to receive the implant.

Other Reasons to Receive a Bone Graft in Midlothian, VA

A missing tooth is only one reason why a patient may require grafting. Gum disease can lead to deterioration of bone tissue. Additionally, a person who experiences physical trauma around the mouth or people born with tooth development defects will likely need some kind of treatment as a precursor to dental implants.

A Dentist Who Wants the Best for You

Dr. Ashlyn Price and Dr. Autumn Mayers offer bone grafting in Midlothian, VA to change a patient’s facial structure and to correct gum tissue sinking into empty sockets. As soon as you lose a tooth, call our dental office at (804) 729-8023 or schedule an appointment online to decrease the chances of needing a bone grafting procedure later down the line.



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