November 28, 2015

Dental Implant Care

If you wear dental implants, you may be wondering what the best method is for ensuring that your implants last as long as possible. While implants are made from artificial material, your gums and roots need to be cared for just as they normally would. In addition to protecting the health of your roots and gums, you can care for the dental implants themselves through practicing regular dental hygiene.


It is important for anyone with dental implants to brush twice daily. Generally, people brush once in the morning and once in the evening. Brushing not only keeps the gums clean and healthy, but it also removes bacteria and lessens the chance of acquiring periodontal disease. While it may seem unnecessary to brush in the morning before eating, your mouth generally gets dry while you sleep, and brushing helps ensure that any buildup from dry mouth is properly removed.


Dental implants are as sturdy as regular teeth, so flossing will have no adverse effect on your implants. For proper dental implant care, flossing once a day is essential. Floss removes particles from around the gums and teeth, which, if left, can harden into plaque that is difficult to remove. When flossing becomes a daily habit, you are much less likely to forget this important routine.

Regular Periodontal Visits

Just as you schedule regular checkups with your general dentist, if you have dental implants, you will also want to schedule appointments with your periodontist. Dental implant care may sometimes be a bit different from care you receive from your dentist. Therefore, it is important to see both on a regular basis. A periodontist can check your dental implants to make sure they continue to work properly.

To receive care for your dental implants in Miami, FL, contact Drs. Bradley and Scott Ross at 305.270.1350. When you incorporate regular oral hygiene into your daily routine, your dental implants can last a long time.



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