August 26, 2016

In recent years, the rise of insurance support for dental implant procedures has led to more and more patient curiosity about their cost and effectiveness, especially as compared to dental bridges. The two procedures both have their own benefits, but there are some times when one is clearly advantaged over the other.

Comparing Costs

Cost is a consideration for many patients, especially when it comes to newer procedures. Since implants have a wide range of cost points depending on their complexity and the need for supporting procedures, it is almost impossible to compare the costs clearly. It becomes even more difficult when one considers that implants tend to be a permanent procedure, but the cost of dental bridges includes future adjustments and replacements. In the end, whether one is more expensive than the other depends a lot on the individual patient’s insurance and needs.

When Bridges Are Preferable

Patients who are also balancing health conditions that affect their bone or tissue growth often find that bridges are more effective for their dental needs. Since implants have to be anchored into the bone, patients who have lost a significant amount of bone mass in the area are better suited by the construction of bridge work, which avoids dependence on bone mass in the jaw.

When Implants Are Preferable

For patients without any other health complications and with compatible insurance coverage, dental implants tend to work out better.

  • They are permanent in most cases.
  • Implants look natural and are supported by natural tissue around them.
  • The titanium construction of the anchor rods leads to superior durability.

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