December 14, 2018

A great option for replacing missing teeth is dental implants. There are many options for getting implants around Manhattan, but for best results, you should see our periodontist. Periodontists offer skills you cannot find at a regular dentist’s office, so schedule a consultation with our periodontist in Manhattan, NY when you lose one or several teeth.

Extra Training and Education 

Periodontists have to go through additional education and extra training to get certified. This is much more than what dentists have to go through, and a significant part of that training involves learning how to install implants. Periodontists learn how to clear away any infections present at the implant site, so there is a greater likelihood of success. Additionally, periodontists know how to monitor the site, and you will likely need to schedule several follow-up appointments. These visits help our professionals see whether the treatment was a success and if any other procedures would help.

Prevention of Gum Issues

Before you receive dental implants, you will first need to make sure you do not have any underlying gum problems. In addition to receiving more training in regard to implants, periodontists also receive training on the health and anatomy of gum tissue. Before doing anything, our periodontist will inspect your gums thoroughly to make sure there is no presence of gum disease. If implants are put in when the gums are infected, it could compromise the overall success of the restoration.

Schedule an Appointment With Our Periodontist 

Dr. Alexander Volchonok earned a doctorate from the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine. He has the training many people in Manhattan are looking for when they need dental implants. It is an intricate and important procedure, so you do not want to cut corners. Contact AV Periodontics to schedule an appointment to see if you can benefit from implants or another dental procedure.



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