February 19, 2016

Computer guided dental surgery is one of the newest technological advances in the field of oral health. Using a computer makes procedures such as dental implant placement and gum shaping go by more quickly, which often means less pain for the person in the chair. Computer guided implant placement also makes completing the procedure easier for the dentist, as it eliminates much of the guesswork involved in shaping implants to the mouth.


History of Computer Guided Dental Surgery

Computer guided modeling has been used in dental procedures since the later 1980s; however, it didn’t become widespread until the mid-1990s. The technique involves the use of computer generated imagery to create a 3-D map of a patient’s mouth and jaw. This allows dentists to create more accurate implants, dentures and other items that have to fit accurately in the mouth.


Benefits of Using a Computer

Computer guided surgery removes much of the guesswork from creating dental implants in Eau Claire, WI. This means that surgeries can be less invasive and often take less time than those conducted by traditional means. Computer models can be used to create a complete implant before the day of the surgery so that during the procedure all that is necessary is to place it. This reduces both the physical and emotional stress for the patient. Finally, using a computer as a guide makes implants much more accurate and more comfortable for the person being fitted with them.


The Required Equipment

Specialist computer mapping software is necessary for computer guided surgery. Most programs use CAD as a base, which requires additional training in order to be operated successfully and to its fullest potential. Specific system requirements are also necessary to run the software, but most newer model computers are capable of running the required program.

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